At Statera IK Ltd. we offer comprehensive consultation tests on the EAV machine (Electro Acupuncture by Voll). The consultation includes, (1) interview with the client,

(2) examination with the use of measuring equipment,

(3) summary interview, during which we discuss the toxin load and possible health implications caused by this,

(4) treatment plan including dietary recommendations and information supplements.

We are committed to providing successful outcomes for people who may have struggled to resolve their health issues. We base our knowledge and experience on the method, which was invented in 1990’s and since has been modified in line with the newest technology and quantum physics science.

Our services offer a pathway to a greater chance of recovery

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for those who may have been suffering for years and not been able to get to the bottom of their health issues. Our services offer support to adults as well as children.


To carry out the screening, we use a Salvia or Accu Comb machine and a computer program. The EAV machines operate in a similar way to a lie detector by giving us a simple ‘yes’ or ’no’ answer. On the left palm we look for a pericardium point located in the middle of the palm. We touch this point with a positive electrode/probe while you hold a negative electrode in your right hand. The screening is non-invasive and not painful. It can last approximately 45min to 90 min, depending on what problems the body is burdened with.

In this way, we build a map of toxins affecting your body and suggest a unique treatment tailored to your individual needs.