We are proud to introduce you to our Statera’s Academy.

As Statera IK, we use a great, unique method of removing toxins on a cellular level which activates the immune system and the great power to self-heal. We are Marion’s Business Partner in the UK. We have a few detoxification therapists. We have a large group of satisfied customers. And it turned out this was not enough to see and help everyone interested…

It became apparent we need to spread the word about the method further, we need to promote it and increase the awareness. As these thoughts were constantly on our mind, we were approached by some individual interested to learn much more about the method and some who wished to work with the method to combine their passion for natural remedies with helping others. This is how Statera’s Academy was born.

We envisage a group of therapists, who will promote the Detoxification Method within the UK. We support all therapists with an ongoing training, mainly when it comes to being updated with the detoxification procedures and carrying out the actual consultations with clients.

Among others, we also plan to invite Dr Jonas and his team to support us on this exciting, ongoing journey.

Beside the above, we encourage our therapists to merge the Detoxification Method with their expertise in other fields and approaches to health. We are proud and excited that Statera’s Academy provides a venue for people to meet, discuss, learn and have fun together.

Please click on the ‘Courses’ tab to explore the trainings and courses currently available.