What is it?

This Detoxification and Immune System Activation Method was created and is being further developed by Dr Josef Jonas, a Czech psychiatrist who went back to Chinese Medicine to have better understanding of the human nature. Dr Jonas has lots of successful cases of helping people with lifelong conditions such as Hashimoto, heart diseases, infertility, skin problems, allergies, asthmas and many others.

This method can be called a ‘detox’ but on a cellular level. This means that we remove toxins not only from your digestive track, but we remove toxins form your organs, tissues and cells and by this we activate the immune system thus enable self-healing.

The human body has the incredible power of rebuilding, provided the immune system is operating well. This is only possible if it is fed well (minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc.) and it is toxin-free. Although the detox on a cellular level can take time, the journey is rewarding and worth it, as it not only helps us to change our overall life style, daily habits and addictions but will also lead to full recovery without chemical intervention.

Dr Jonas highlights that our bodies are designed to be healthy. We should live in good health up to 120-150 years of age, providing we are free of toxins.

The human body – as well as everything in the universe –  works on the basis of  information, energy and matter.

If disruptive information arises in the organism, it is transmitted into matter by means of energy and that’s when a dysfunction or a disease appears. Eg: Disruptive information affects the neurological system, teh neurons may become disable and the body gets disconected from teh brain, whcih in results can lead to a foggy brain or memory/attention problems.